Original Hand made Textile
斐太間道 “Hidakanton” 
Registered trademark No.5267913

Kanton means “Stripe Pattern”.
Long time ago,when Hida was called Gegenokuni
“Hida no takumi”(carpenter) built the palace of the capital.
In Meiji period young girls went to Shinsyu walking through
Nomugi Pass to work for making silk.
Now, in Heisei Period,we are toward to the all over the world
through the Nobel Pass.
We are walking through “the Pass” all the time taking over
ancestors’ foundation.
People made”Kanton” wishing in their minds.
“Hidakanton” has been showing them.
We use the natural dyed yarns to make the textiles in Hida.
For example, Ichiizome (orange),
Sawakurumi (brown).Yamamomo and Ai (green),
Wishing to meet you!


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