Handwoven studio YUHKOUBOU

Registration: Tangible Cultural Property

Handwoven studio : YUHKOUBOU

The products are made and sold only here.

“YUHKOUBOU”s named after “YUH”and”HUI”and”KOUBOU”(studio).

“Hui” means a human’s body wearing only cloth.
It also means hoping to improve day by day and “Yuh” means being connected and related with people.
Hida Furukawa is a peaceful town,surrounded by the Japan Alps where some people still speak The Imperial Court languages.
YUHKOUBOU is located near Setogawa river which has lots of beautiful carp and flows past the white walls of the storehouses.
This studio was built in Hida by Takumi(Imperial builder in Taisho Period) and is very valuable cultural property.
The handweaving has the effect of making you calm.
We hope this will be one of your sweet memories of Hida.
*Open 9:30am to 4:30pm *Close not fixed
*Access JR Hida Furukawa Station 5min. walk
Original Handwoven and Handdye

Handwoven studio YUHKOUBOU
Creator Yumiko Kawai
〒509-4234  5-12 Ichinomachi Furukawacho Hida city
TEL 0577-73-7066
Email: yuhkoubou@yahoo.co.jp
“Hidakanton”(original pattern) :Registered trademark No.5267913

■Trademark registration product by natural dyeing “Hida Kanton”
 Production and sale of hand-woven products and hand-dyed products

Open 9:30am to 4:30pm
Closed 1 to 2 days a month

■You can experience dyeing and weaving

Please make a reservation by the day before if you wish to experience the dyeing and weaving. We accept on the day, but may take time.

Experience fee: 2900 yen (Including material costs, document fee, memorial certificate)


■Original Hand made Textile
斐太間道 “Hidakanton” 

Registered trademark No.5267913
Kanton means “Stripe Pattern”.




Handwoven studio YUHKOUBOU
〒509-4234  5-12 Ichinomachi Furukawacho Hida city
TEL 0577-73-7066
●5 minutes walk from JR Hida Furukawa Station.
  If you come by car, please use the free public parking lot.